This all started from looking at everyone sitting glum on the subway in NYC. I wanted to get a few smirks from people, and the pole in the train gave me the idea of putting a stripper on it, so I made a small six-inch paper stripper and popped her on the pole. From there, it has grown to a collection of characters, and I have put them up all over the world.




I'm quite a shy, introverted person so I made some graffiti to match my personality. I don't have the balls to spray up the whole side of a train. I prefer to get a few smirks in a more subtle way. I like that at times it can go unnoticed, and only those really in touch with their environment tend to take it in. They are made from paper and glue and ink and tape. I draw up a front and a back and then fold it up and stick it up. That simple.

You can see more pictures from my Paper Graffiti Tumblr.